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Week 2 Quests



You wake up one morning to find a message from the Queen.



Level 1 players

Stay behind to guard the village.

(You can join the rescue mission when you reach level 2.)


Level 2 players

Let’s rescue the Queen!

You grab a weapon and fill a backpack with food.

Let’s go!


First you must get through the grockling camp in the woods.

Last week you defeated one grockling, this week there are TEN!



If you have a total of at least 10 Sunflower Power points by the end of the week, you defeat the grocklings, hooray!

Once you leave the woods, however, there is a more dangerous enemy:

The Honey Man!



Designed by Dylan, this baddie robs museums, but stay away or he will throw honey at you! Sticky!

You need a total of 15 Sunflower Power Points to defeat the Honey Man!









  • It is a good idea to make a list of all the quests you complete this week so you can keep track of your XP and know when you can level up.
  • You can do as many quests as you like.
  • Remember, if you get enough XP to level up on Friday, you will get to win something from the Treasure Chest!
  • You can do the activities as many times as you like, but you only get points for the first time you do it unless it says otherwise.




Quest 1

1 point for every Oak National Academy OR BBC Bitesize lesson you complete.

20 points for doing all the Oak OR all the BBC lessons this week.

Click here for Oak National Academy!           Click here for Bitesize!


Quest 2

Play Spelling Shed or Maths Shed – 1 point for each time you use them.

Click here for the website!


Quest 3 NEW!

Write a story about a different adventure your character went on – 5 points.




Quest 1

Pick a PE with Joe Wicks video to do – 1 point for every day you do a video.

10 points for doing one every day.

Click here for the videos!


Quest 2 NEW!

Push ups: 5 push ups = 2 points. 10 push ups = 5 points. 20 push ups = 10 points.

(All the push ups need to be completed in the same session, you can’t do a few, then a few more later!)




Quest 1 NEW!

Pretend to be a chicken for a whole hour! – 5 points.


Quest 2 NEW!

Wear your clothes inside out for a day! – 5 points.




Quest 1 NEW!

Do the washing up for a whole day without complaining – 2 points.

12 points if you do it every day from Monday to Friday.


Quest 2 New!

2 points for every room you vacuum or sweep (properly!)





There is just one Sunflower Power Quest this week.

You have all received a sunflower seed from school.

If you plant your sunflower seed – 10 power points!

Remember to add these points to your Sunflower Power, not XP!







Check out the high scorers on the main game page!

Will you be able to level up this week?

Find out on Friday!


Chloe is already getting started with her sunflower seeds!


Sai has been working hard again this week!

As well as all the exercise, he's written a fantastic adventure story!


Dylan is determined to earn more XP this week!


Theo has become an adventurer and has made a fabulous start with loads of quizzing, drawing and writing - keep up the good work!


Caitlin has been as busy as ever with all her work, and look at that vacuuming!