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Year 2

Welcome to Little Wandle Spelling!


Little Wandle Spelling builds on children’s knowledge of the alphabetic code and teaches them how to spell with confidence. The programme provides a seamless link from the core Little Wandle programme to teaching spelling in Year 2.


All children moving onto the Little Wandle Spelling programme need to have completed Year 1 Phase 5 and passed their assessments before starting with the spelling content.


Take a look at the From Phonics to Spelling information below.


From Phonics to Spelling


The spelling programme follows a strategic plan to ensure that the children are ready to start.


First they will follow a five-week Phase 5 review to ensure the children have secured the trickier parts of Phase 5 and can apply this alphabetic knowledge both to read and spell.  


Once secure they will then start the Bridge to spelling programme.  This section teaches the children how to ‘think about spelling’ and foundational skills for spelling.  This is completed over five weeks of daily lessons.  The children complete the alphabetic code and learn the underpinning concepts of spelling. 


This is then followed by the Spelling units which will complete the children's coverage of the Year 2 spelling requirements.  The 20 weeks of planning are designed to create confident spellers.