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One windswept morning in1588 a young girl sits motionless staring out from a cliff top.  A lover of bird watching, she is known to have the best eyesight in her village.  But today, a duty bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth I herself, she observes the distant horizon intently.  What she sees could change the history of England forever!

Queen Elizabeth I was the monarch during this time. 


We have been looking at monarchs throughout history.


We wanted to find out if Lizard Point was a real place, so the children have used Google Earth to find out where it is.  They discovered that Lizard Point is in the UK. 



The circle shows where Lizard Point is, it's in Cornwall in England.

Look how beautiful Lizard Point is!

We have learnt that Great Britain is an island and it has more cliffs beside the sea than most other countries in the world. These amazing cliffs are seen at places where the land meets the sea. 


The red line shows the coastline of the United Kingdom.  Lizard Point is at the southern tip of the Lizard Peninsula.










The team made a tall rugged cliff and added the sea to mark where the land ends and the sea begins.  We then labelled the physical features:

· Ocean

· Cliff

· Rocks

· Land  





On top of Lizard Point there is a cafe that has beautiful views of the coast and cliff. It is owned by a lady called Miss Bakewell.  She is worried!  Since COVID less people are visiting the cafe and she fears she will have to close down.




She asked the team if they would help.  

They made posters to promote the cafe and sent them to Miss Bakewell...


...But they didn't work!



Holiday Helpers


The team had to come up with another idea!

Miss Bakewell needs customers as soon as possible, but how can we get more people to visit the cafe?


Katia, "People can go on holiday to Lizard Point and then they can go to the cafe for some food."


The children agreed that this was a great idea and that they would be a team of Holiday Helpers.  They would help people book a holiday at Lizard Point.


We set up an office and the team made pages for our website.