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Woodrow Winners

20/07/2018 Our Woodrow Winners this week are :


Logan (Y4) 

Ethan, Jasper and Dylan (Y1)  for their super sporting efforts.

Taseef (Y2) for his fantastic batting in rounders.


Well done to you all!


06/07/2018 Our Woodrow Winners this week are:


Lawson Meadows for being kind.

Oliver Freeman (Y4) for his fantastic football skills.

Frankie Brannan-Brough (Y4) for being really helpful at lunchtime.

Adele Bacon for being friendly to others.

Jake McDonald (Y3) for being really helpful at lunchtime.


Well done!

29/06/2018 Our Woodrow Winners this week are:


Violet, Anna-Lily, Zi-Lin and Hania (Y4) for making up some fantastic games at lunchtime.


Jasper (Y1)  for his super ball skills and sharing with his friends.


Well done!

21/06/2018 Our Woodrow Winners this week are:


 Zi-lin, Madison (Y4) for making up their own trim trail games.

Shanika (Y3) for her fantastic running.

Amelia (Y1) for always playing sensibly and kindly with her friends.

Lacey (Y2) Always plays nicely and includes other children in her games.

Alexis for her fantastic jumping!

Maya and Maja (Y1) for their great balancing.

 Laila, Kacie, Grace, Jasmin, Zandra, Ruben, Alexis, Lexi, Sophie, Lilly-Sky, Kyle, Kian, Lily-Grace and Joseph (Y2) for working well as part of a team to put together a fantastic talent show!


Well done to you all!