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'The Way Back Home'

by Oliver Jeffers.

We have been writing about the boy and the alien.  We have used colourful semantics to help structure our sentences:

Who?  What?



The alien has a green face.

The boy has a red and white stripy top.

We have also looked at poetry this term.


Listening to and discussing a wide rang of poems develops motivation for reading as well as pleasure.  It enhances children's vocabulary and supports a deeper understanding of comprehension.


We have looked a few different styles of poems:

  • List - collects content in a list form.
  • Rhyme - when words share the same end sound pattern.
  • Rhyming couplet - pairs of lines that rhyme. 


We have also looked at onomatopoeia, which the children loved.  Onomatopoeia is the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it, for example: 

Buzz!                    Hiss!       Pop!


The class learnt the poems off by heart and we put actions to them.  They would love to act them out for you!

Here are some of the poems that we have been rehearsing.