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Week 1 Quests






You begin to explore the magical land around you.

You set up a small village with the other level 1 players.

In the nearby woods live some grocklings.



Grocklings will steal your food and paint your nose green.

If you get 5 or more Sunflower Power points this week,

you keep them away and save your food (and nose!)






  • It is a good idea to make a list of all the quests you complete this week so you can keep track of your XP and know when you can level up.
  • You can do as many quests as you like.
  • Remember, if you get enough XP to level up on Friday, you will get to win something from the Treasure Chest!
  • You can do the activities as many times as you like, but you only get points for the first time you do it unless it says otherwise.




Quest 1

1 point for every Oak National Academy OR BBC Bitesize lesson you complete.

20 points for doing all the Oak OR all the BBC lessons this week!

Click here for Oak National Academy!          Click here for Bitesize!


Quest 2

Play Spelling Shed or Maths Shed – 1 point for each time you use them.

Click here for the website!



10 XP for completing the Sock Olympics!



Quest 1

Pick a PE with Joe Wicks video to do – 1 point for every day you do a video.

10 points for doing one every day.

Click here for the videos!


Quest 2

Sit ups: 10 sit ups = 2 points. 20 sit ups = 5 points. 50 sit ups = 10 points.

All the sit ups need to be completed in the same session (you can’t do a few, then a few more later!)




Quest 1

The Grockling is a level 1 baddie. It steals food and paints noses green.

Design a level 2 baddie that is a bit more dangerous.

Draw what it looks like and write down two bad things it will do.

Scroll back up to find out how to share your work. 3 points.

The best one will be chosen to use next week!


Quest 2

You have 2 minutes to make someone laugh (without touching them).

If you succeed – 3 points.



Quest 1

Tidy your bedroom without being asked – 3 points.

10 points for keeping it tidy all week.


Quest 2

Don’t argue with anyone for a whole day – 5 points.



There are 3 Sunflower Power quests this week.

5 power points for each one you do!

(If you do them more than once, you only get points the first time).

Remember to add these points to your Sunflower Power, not XP!

Sunflower Power Quest 1


Sunflower Power Quest 2


Sunflower Power Quest 3





Who will win the most XP?

Will you be able to level up?

Find out on Friday!




Quest Work is Arriving...

Dylan is off to a flying start!


Alfee has been busy with his quests - and what a tidy room! And he has begun building his Sunflower Power!


Sai has been incredibly busy, look at all his quest work!


Look at what Jasmine has been up to - she must have plenty of Sunflower Power points! And I hear she's been keeping her bedroom tidy all week, doing sit ups AND laughing a lot! Awesome!


Caitlin has been working hard every week, but here is some of her fantastic quest work!