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Year 4

The Year 4 Team are Miss Hinton, Mrs Allmark, Mrs Smith, Miss Jones, Mr Benney, Mr Lucas, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Styles. We have  53  children in two classes. 

Mantle of the Expert 

We are always involved in creating a story in our class where we use drama, inquiry and tasks for the responsible team to increase our curriculum knowledge and understanding. Look at each class for details. 

Writing Curriculum

We follow the Year 4 curriculum to learn the technical aspects of writing. We use starting points such as "Once Upon A Picture" and sentences from texts we have read to support our narrative or story and poetry writing. We learn how to organise our writing to produce non fiction texts about what we are learning - for instance a report about digestion. 

Our writing is often linked to the work we do in Mantle; we write to entertain, inform and persuade as described by Michael Tidd on his website. 

We are constantly developing our vocabulary and handwriting using the No Nonsense Spelling programme. Children are taught how to join their handwriting when they can form their letters correctly. 


Children can practice spelling at home by using the free Spellingframe website. They also use the website Spelling Shed.

Reading Curriculum

In Key Stage 2 children read a whole class text and develop their reading skills by discussing the text and working on retrieval, inference, deduction, viewpoint, vocabulary and author choice challenges. This year we are reading "The Boy at the Back of the Class"  as well as poetry about school! 

We read non fiction texts as part of our Mantle work [for instance reading about digestion or about the Romans] and often research using websites such as DK Findout. 


All KS2 children choose a book from our library which they read during reading time. Additionally, there are daily story times where the teacher reads to the children. 

Some children need extra 1:1 or small group reading practice and do this as part of our Reading Champions programme with Mrs Robinson. 

Maths Curriculum

In Key Stage 2 we use the White Rose Hub Maths plans. We follow a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to learning in maths.

Children work on times tables everyday and should practice regularly at home too.  They can use this free website


Sometimes our science learning learning is part of our Mantle story and sometimes we just do science! Whichever way, we always do lots of working scientifically - testing our ideas, making observations and measurements and trying to find patterns and explanations. 



We follow the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE. 


We follow the PSHE Association Programme Builder plan to structure our teaching in this area. We use the resources recommended in the plans such as Discovery Education and NSPCC Share Aware. 


Computing and Online Safety

We are working towards becoming a verified National Online Safety school. We will be following their plans to teach online safety as well as the Google Internet Legends programme.