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Adding your own music to iMovie

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Another way we can add our own music to iMovie

iMovie hack with pictures

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On iMovie it can be a little annoying that the pictures zoom in, so I’ve found a hack to solve the problem

The Woodrow Quiz

A quiz for all the family

Mrs Tolley's Quiz!

Can you solve the puzzles in this quiz?

Beetle Drive Game

Disney quiz

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Can you guess all 15 characters?

Spot the difference

There are 10 differences in the photographs... can you find them all!!

Mrs Williams' Easter Egg Hunt

Watch the video before you look at the answers. Good Luck!

Wish Solitaire with Miss Hinton

Learn a matching card game

Snail racing with Miss Davies!

Who needs football? This is the most exciting sport of all - which snail will win? Check in with the baby stick insects as well.