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Thursday 25.02.21

Today you MUST.....

Today in phonics we are learning about 'oo' (long sound) and 'oo' (short sound). Watch the video and join in with the Magic Words game.

Phonics sound oo as in boots

Today you SHOULD......

Watch this Maths video on combining groups of objects, then complete the activity.

Session 4

You will need to make some dominoes for this game. You can either draw your own or watch the video on how to make some at home.

Making dominios with Mrs Coldwell

Today you SHOULD......

Handwriting is Super important - you should try to practise some EVERYDAY

Handwriting sentence 4

Today MAYBE try ......

Have some fun making your own farm!

for example

Today MAYBE try.....

Have a go at joining in with this Cosmic Yoga.