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Thank you for checking out our home learning page. Thank you for everything you are doing at home to keep your child learning at this difficult time.  


In showbie there will be a timetable for each day, so you don't really need to come back here again!

If you need any help at all, please give us a ring and we're more than happy to help. 

Week beginning 1st March

It's the last week of Home Learning - a huge well done for making it this far. We can't wait to see you all back on the 8th. 

This week we will start reading "There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom" - it's a funny one. We hope you like it. 

In maths we will be getting ready to do some learning about fractions back in school, so you are going to make sure you are experts at wholes and parts. 

We will look at the water cycle in science and finish off with some music this week. 


Week beginning 22nd February 

We hope you had a safe and happy half term - and an especially yummy pancake day! 

This week the most important work to do is the science where we are learning about solids, liquids and gases. Please make this your priority along with maths if you can. We are having a change in direction in maths for a week where we will be looking at area. 


In English we are finishing The Borrowers - writing a bit more of the story. 
Our fourth subject this week is RE where we are using some videos where a brother and sister tell us what it means to them to be a Hindu. 

A couple of “easy wins” are Mr Benney’s timetable challenge, “I Was A Rat” where Miss Hinton reads a chapter a day and our non fiction reading where children look at two fun picture book pages and answer one question. 

If anyone wants to catch up, we have left other assignments in the class too. 


Week beginning 8th February 

Thank you for carrying on brilliantly with the maths last week. We are going to look at division this week. 


We are carrying on with The Borrowers and Magnets in Science. 

We also have an art project where you can choose what to make and work on it your own pace. We hope you enjoy having some time away from the screen. 


We're nearly at half term - we hope you can all take a well earned rest then.  


Week beginning 1st February

Well done for doing so much maths last week - please keep that going as we have some new learning which the children will need. You're doing a great job with it. 


We have finished our unit on the Romans now and we are moving back to science for a while. 

We will be working on forces and magnetism. This is an area which the children missed in Year 3 due to lockdown, so this is another really important piece of learning. 

We have tried to make it fun and practical [to have a break from Oak Academy]  - please let us know if your child likes this approach or if they like the predictable structure of the Oak Academy lessons. 

Any questions, just get in touch. 


Week beginning 25th January 

Well done and thank you for your brilliant art work last week. You are learning lots about the Romans and you are being very persuasive with your healthy snack adverts. 

This week we will finish our history lessons. We will also start reading "Hansel and Gretel" by Anthony Browne. Lots of you enjoyed the art work, so we have added some drawing lessons for this week. 


Over the next 2 weeks or so, we will be doing some really important maths work. The children will be learning about written methods for multiplication and division. They missed this learning in Year 3 because of lockdown, so please do everything you can to help your children with this -

make maths your priority for the next 2 weeks.

We will even be adding some videos of Mr Benney explaining some things...


Week beginning 18th January 

You will notice that there is more on the timetable each day this week. This is to reflect the government’s expectation of 4 hours of remote learning for children in KS2 - that’s Year 3 and Year 4 for us. 
We have stuck with 3 structured lessons in English, maths and science/ history and this week we have added in art. 
There is also the Woodrow Virtual Choir; reading/ story time; Maths and Spelling Shed and the weekly times table challenge. 


Remember - do what you can, when you can. Children in school will be covering all the same things in the home learning timetable. We will respond to all posts in showbie. 

Thanks for all your hard work so far. 



Week beginning 11th January

This week the BBC are providing educational programs on their CBBC TV channel. 

We have picked out the ones which match your child's age - the titles in bold, dark writing are the most useful to watch each day as they fit in with what we are learning. 

If you are finding the online learning tricky to manage, these programs will be a great support as you could use them instead of the lessons or as a back up on days you need them. 

Your child DOES NOT have to do both - the lessons and watch the TV programs - the programs are an extra if you want them. I hope this isn't too confusing!


Log in to showbie and click on the daily timetable. The links in these photographs will not work, but they will be in showbie for you to click on and go straight to the lessons.  

Timetables for the week beginning 11th January

Week beginning Wednesday 6th January 

Your lessons for this week are all in showbie.

Login in and join the new Year 4 Home Learning Class - to do this click on the + sign and join with this code 9354P

If you're not sure what to do - watch this video:


You will see that there is a daily timetable for your class - it will mean you don't have to keep looking here! 


Follow the links in the English, Maths, Times tables and Geography folders. Ignore the other subjects for now please. There is a challenge for you to send us the answer to in showbie for each lesson. 


Have a look in the Storytime folder for a story each day - we have three there for you this week read by Mrs Robinson and Mrs Smith.  


We look forward to speaking to you about your work on showbie! 

Home Learning Timetable