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Tuesday 9th February

Today you MUST…

Watch the phonics video today we are learning the  x and w sounds. Join in with the game.

Todays sounds are x and w

Spin the bottle game - make your own spin the bottle game at home with the x and w sounds

Today you SHOULD…

Watch this Maths video and complete the activity below.


Session 2 - Comparing Length

If you don't have any playdough you can use wool or string.

You can use household items to compare length. Have a go and see how creative you can be. For example: Which Teddy is the longest using forks? Which book is the longest using pegs?

Longer and Shorter activity

Have a look at Mrs Coldwells video she is challenging you to find things longer and shorter than your footprint.

Today MAYBE try…


Listen to Jack and the Beanstalk Story then complete the drawing task after.

Use your imagination to complete the drawing task

Try this 5 minute workout to stay active and healthy