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You are standing in a magical land...



First you must create your adventurer.



Draw a picture of them.

Think about what they will be wearing and carrying.


You can print and fill in this sheet, or just make your own on paper.


Your adventurer has 4 abilities:






Sense of Humour






They also have a special power: SUNFLOWER POWER!

This will grow by completing the special sunflower quests.




E-mail your characters to Mrs Marshall / Miss Capron-Tee and we will share them here.

E-mail addresses on the main game page <-- click there!





Every week there will be a new set of quests for your character to complete.

Complete the quests to earn XP (experience points).

If you get enough XP, you will get to level up and choose a bonus from the treasure chest!




Click here to begin with the Week 1 Quests!