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Week 3 Quests



We continue the quest to rescue the Queen!




Level 1 players

You are still guarding the village – don’t let any grocklings in!

You can join the mission to rescue the Queen when you reach level 2.





Level 2 and Level 3 players

You have reached the Majestic Mountain.

It is surrounded by a high stone wall with just one gateway and it is guarded, of course!





Level 2 players

You decide to try and get through the gateway by defeating the guard:


A terrifying enemy designed by Caitlin, steer clear of the stingers which will knock you out, and definitely don’t get caught in a fart bomb!


If you have at least 15 Sunflower Power points by the end of the week, you defeat Fartie, well done!




Level 3 players

You decide to try and sneak in a different way and find a hole in the wall nearby.

Unfortunately, just as you get through the hole, you come across a sneaky…


This one is designed by Theo, watch out because it might steal everything you own!

You need 20 Sunflower Power Points to escape from the mercenary with all your belongings.




Everyone who got through and defeated the baddies met up again on the other side of the wall and set up camp at the bottom of the mountain, ready to climb in week 4!


Hooray for our Super Adventurers who have more than 40XP, because they go hunting for food so they can prepare a mighty feast for dinner - you have all earned it. If you have 40 or more XP, you can design a delicious meal for the camp.


As you sit in your tent that evening, you hear a sound from high up in the mountain – it is the Queen! You can hear her calling for help! Finally you are getting close…


Here's your delicious camp meal prepared by Adventurer Caitlin!




  • It is a good idea to make a list of all the quests you complete this week so you can keep track of your XP and know when you can level up.
  • You can do as many quests as you like.
  • Remember, if you get enough XP to level up on Friday, you will get to win something from the Treasure Chest!
  • You can do the activities as many times as you like, but you only get points for the first time you do it unless it says otherwise.




Quest 1

1 point for every Oak National Academy OR BBC Bitesize lesson you complete.

20 points for doing all the Oak OR all the BBC lessons this week.

Click here for Oak National Academy!           Click here for Bitesize!


Quest 2

Play Spelling Shed or Maths Shed – 1 point for each time you use them.

Click here for the website!


Quest 3 NEW!

1 point for every piece of Twinkl work you do.

Click here for the website!


Quest 4 NEW!

1 point for every time you play times tables on Hit the Button (NOT the easy ones!)

Click here for the website!




Quest 1

Pick a PE with Joe Wicks video to do – 1 point for every day you do a video.

10 points for doing one every day.

Click here for the videos!


Quest 2 NEW!

Stair Stamina: run up and down the stairs (safely) 2 times = 2 points.

Run up and down 4 times = 5 points.

Run up and down 6 times = 10 points.

(If you don’t have access to any stairs, or you want a challenge all on one level instead, you can run on the spot for 2 minutes = 2 points, 5 minutes = 5 points or 10 minutes = 10 points).




Quest 1 NEW!

Send 3 jokes to Mrs Marshall or Miss Capron-Tee – 5 points.

(You might get bonus points if they think any of your jokes are particularly funny!)


Quest 2 NEW!

Design a level 4 baddie for next week’s quests.

Draw what it looks like and write down 3 bad things it will do.

Send it to Miss Capron-Tee and it might be chosen to use next week! – 5 points.




Time for some random acts of kindness!

Quest 1 NEW!

Say 2 nice things to every person you meet this week – 5 points. If you are especially nice to them, they are allowed to give you a bonus point!


Quest 2 NEW!

2 points for every kind thing you do for someone.

THIS WEBSITE has a long list of ideas, though not all of them are useful at the moment.




Quest 1

Look after your sunflower. Gently touch the soil with your finger to see if it is dry and needs to be watered. Don't water it too much, or you might kill it! You will get 10 Sunflower Power Points when you see the first shoot growing!


Quest 2

Make and play the sunflower game.

To make the game, you will need lots of pieces of card or paper, about the size of normal playing cards.

Draw roots on some of the cards / papers. 

Draw sunflower flowers on some of them.

On all the rest, draw  a green stem.

To play the game, put all the cards or papers face down in the middle (or in a bag). 

Players take it in turns to pick a card. 

Players need a roots card to start growing a sunflower. Then they can grow it by adding as many stems as they can. 

If they pick another roots card, they can begin to grow a second sunflower (or third, fourth...)

If they pick a sunflower head, they need to finish one of the sunflowers they are growing. If they are only growing one, it will have to finish that one! 

Continue taking it in turns to pick a card and whoever has grown AND FINISHED the tallest sunflower when all the cards have gone is the winner!

10 Sunflower Power Points if you make and play the game.





Check out the high scorers on the main game page!

Next week will be the final quest week – will we rescue the Queen?

Will anyone get enough XP to become a LEGENDARY ADVENTURER?




Sai is unstoppable!

He does lessons and exercise every day, and has even been growing other things which will keep his sunflower company!




Caitlin has been as busy as ever! There is no stopping this adventurer!

There's a great story in here, and her sunflowers have begun to grow!


Dylan has had another busy week - he has done lots more besides these, too (I do like the art work!)