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Year 3

In Year 3 we read every day. As well as our whole class sessions we also read for Mantle and for other subject areas too. 

Our whole class reading sessions



In their whole class reading sessions, Year 3 read an extract from this book which was full of adventure and exciting vocabulary.  There were lots of words written in capital letters which they practiced reading with good prosody. The book is part of a series of "accidentals" so maybe we will be inspired to read more!  


During their daily storytime, 4B have enjoyed listening to “LLama out Loud" by Annabelle Sami and "Cookie!... and the most annoying boy in the world" by Konnie Huq. Did you know she used to be a presenter on TV on a show for children called Blue Peter?


All Year 3 children choose books to read from our library and class reading collections. They are comparing authors and developing their preferences. They also take a library book home to read or share with their families.