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Wednesday 24.02.21

Today you MUST....

Watch this Maths video on combining 2 groups, then complete the activity.

Session 3

Have a go at the activity using this picture.

Today you MUST....

Today we are learning about 'igh' and 'oa'.  Watch Mrs Cowley's video and complete the Treasure or Bin activity.

'igh' and 'oa' sounds

Today you SHOULD....

Handwriting is super important you should try to practise some every day.

Handwriting sentence 3

Today you SHOULD....

As we know, reading is super important. Please try and complete this reading activity today.

Today MAYBE try....

Thinking about the animals in this week's story, have a look and complete the activities below.

For example

Today MAYBE try....

Time to get the video and join in!