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Year 4

Inspired by a video of Rachel Parker creating a patterned tile, we designed our own. They would be used to improve the museum garden in our Mantle. We arranged everyone’s tile and shared things that we noticed as well as positive feedback - all part of our “Believe in others” school aim. 
Our tiles were photocopied and we tessellated four of them to create an expanded design - just like Rachel Parker.

Just like artist Rachel Parker, we created a black and white motif in our sketchbooks based on nature or geometric shapes. We duplicated a photograph of our motif in PicCollage and then added some colour like she does. 

We also used an idea from artist Sol Lewitt to make a pattern follow a set of rules. Every piece of work was different even though they followed the same rules. Some of the differences came about when we broke the rules to add extra colour and pattern! 

Pop art at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Soft sculpture - biscuits

The Art of Display continued

The Art of Display - people of Egypt

Nests - The Jub Jub bird