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What has been going on in 2B?

The team needed to collect information from the child miners about their jobs and their schooling.

The Information Gatherers had to measure the height of the child miners accurately.

Memorials were left in Nabbs Wood following the Huskar Pit disaster

River Hazelthorpe breached its banks and flooded the back-to-backs

The Information Gatherers prepared a report about potential flooding in Hazelthorpe

How can you raise the miners up and down the shaft?

Mary takes Edward to the mine for his first day

The words of Edward and Mary

What would it be like to crawl through the tunnel?

The miners collect their tags at the start of the day

The Information Gatherers arrived at Hazelthorpe's Back-to-Backs with a warrent from the Queen.

Inside the Houses of Parliament

The Rainforest People

Trip to Peru

The Rainforest

Building a rainforest - focusing on lines and colour

The team of botanists entered the rainforest for the first time

We have been building, ordering and writing 2 digit numbers

We are comparing the climate in Iquitos, Peru with the climate here in Redditch