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Spring 2024 learning

Dr Jo, a member from the National History Museum in South America, has heard rumours that the 'Museum of Precious Things' was struggling to retain visitor numbers and it was being considered for closure. She knew just the thing to attract more people into the museum, but it wouldn’t be an easy task…


The Current Garden Museum

The Atacama Desert, in Chile, is the driest place inhabited place on Earth. With only 0.76mm of rainfall appearing every year, how could anything possibly grow there? Until…


The 'Medicine Flower', while striking, are short lived plants due to the harsh desert conditions. Seeds lay dormant under the ground for years, alive, but unseen. It’s only when rainwater washes the protective coating from their seeds that they begin to sprout. 



These plants have to potential to treat serious illnesses. Will we find the seeds in time before the rain comes? What conditions do the seeds need so we can grow them in the museum garden back in the UK? 


Traveling on a small, rickety plane, we saw the Atacama Desert landscape from our window. With an unexpected plane crash causing us to go off path, are we even close to where we need to be? …

The Unexpected Journey...Was it worth the risk?