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Earn XP (experience points), level up, win bonuses!


Choose a star to begin or continue your adventure…




If you are new, begin with the START HERE star, then do the Week 1 Quests.

Everyone else, let the adventure continue...




Meet the Adventurers!

We have our first adventurers!

Alfee, Caitlin, Dylan, Ellie, Jasmine, Max and Sai - your adventure has begun!




High Scoring Adventurers!

E-mail your scores to Miss Capron-Tee and you too could end up in our high scoring hall of fame!

Our three top adventurers have an incredible amount of XP - they are Super Adventurers! But will they manage to achieve the level of LEGENDARY ADVENTURERS by the end of week 4?




Caitlin is our very first LEGEND! With an unbelievable 298 total XP and 65 Sunflower Power Points, making her the first LEGEND in the land! 




Sai continues to be an impressive adventurer with 110XP this week! He has done lots of work and is still exercising every day, setting a very good example to his little sister!  




Dylan is determined to earn as many XP as he can and is finishing week 3 with an incredible 93 XP! He's certainly going to join the three-digit club and end up with over 100 next week!