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Animal Heroes

We are a team of enthusiastic animal conservationists who have had experience protecting animal species and their habitats all over the world.  We are keen to help keep the natural balance of all habitats, for all the animals and respect the communities surrounding.



Recruitment agency for Space Jobs


Discover space jobs and join the industry’s leading players.

Space exploration has always been an exciting and interesting subject.  Many children dream of becoming an Astronaut, but what if you could be apart of it all here on Earth!  Our expert recruitment team promotes these specialist jobs:

Space Engineering - designing the space craft

Planetary Sciences - testing materials for the space suit.

Remote Sensing - controlling and using satellites/rover.

Project Control - planning the expedition.

The possibilities in the Space sector are vast and are consistently bringing together the brightest of minds.  So come and join us today!


We have been working hard becoming experts in space and space jobs.  We focused on the important jobs that needed to be completed on Earth, so that we could keep our astronauts in space safe. 


There were many different tasks that we explored:

  • Naming all the planets in the Solar System.
  • Looking at constellations.
  • Exploring and naming the moon phases.
  • Programming and designing a rover.
  • Designing a space suit and choosing the most suitable materials.
  • Designing a rocket.

We all passed!!

Our fantastic Year 1rocket designers.