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Mrs Paxton



We have become experts in the Queen and have learnt all about her historic reign.  


We have made a timeline to show important events during the Queens life, starting with the earliest event and moving forward through time.

We drew portraits of the Queen and added water colours for the background to add depth.

We have looked at the United Kingdom and can now name the four countries.  We have also looked at their capital cities.

United Kingdom Song - A fun kid's song about the UK and its capitals

United Kingdom Song - A fun kid's song about the UK and its capitals. Great if you're teaching about the United Kingdom and it's capitals at primary school, ...

We have also looked at the flags of the United Kingdom.  We drew them so we could make buntings to use for the Queens platinum jubilee.


We have made a map of London and added some of the the key buildings and landmarks.  We are going to be using the map when we travel back to past to find out some more interesting stories.  

The Story Seekers


We have been so busy these past few weeks!  We are now a responsible team of story seekers and have stepped into the past through a portal to travel back to 1940.  


We have watched Air Raid Wardens working hard to keep people safe during WWII.


One of the important pieces of safety equipment are shelters.


So, we have been thinking about different materials to build a Morrison shelter that was used inside the homes.

Following the creation of our Morrison shelter, in teams we made Anderson shelters out of different materials.  We wanted to find out which material was the strongest, as Anderson shelters were put up outside in gardens and were at risk of rubble falling on them.


Before we tested them we made predictions on which material would be the strongest and which would be the weakest.


Then Mrs Paxton dropped stones and rocks on top of the shelters, It was like the buildings were falling down from the raids!  



The shelter that was the strongest was the Metal shelter and the Cardboard shelter was a strong second.  



London's Burning!

We have been using the book 'The Lion and The Unicorn' to learn about what it was like for children to live in 1940.  The book shows London on fire!  We have created some amazing pieces of art, using warm colours, to represent the reality of The Blitz.

The air raids are coming quick and fast!  London is no place for a child - they need to be evacuated!  


Although some parents were against the evacuation of their children, they knew it was the right decision to keep their children safe.


We told the story of the evacuation in 5 photos:

Guardians of the Forest.


In our Mantle, in the Autumn term, we were a team guardians who protected an Enchanted forest.  We ensured that all that inhabit or enter the forest were environmentally friendly so that we could achieve and maintain equilibrium.


We worked for an Enchantress, called Hornbeam, who is concerned about the animals and characters that live in the enchanted forest.  They are being affected by the humans!  Hornbeam has requested the help of a responsible team of guardians who will protect the Enchanted forest and ensure that the forest thrives again. 


The Guardians were in charge of maintaining the habitats and planting more trees, as many trees have been cut down by humans.  We worked alongside all the creatures and characters that live in the forest and we were the only link between them and the humans.   


We successfully kept the magic of the forest alive!


The Guardians of the Forest

We found a tree stump covered in glitter, a magic wand and a note attached.  We wanted to find out who Hornbeam was and wondered if they were magical!

Exploring natural materials and loose parts to create pictures.

We have become experts in trees!

Deciduous and Evergreen trees

Still image for this video

We are the Guardians of the forest!