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Mrs Paxton's class

Big Blue Ocean Clean-up

The Team received a package with lots of interesting equipment.

  • A mask

  • A snorkel

  • A wet suite

  • Flippers

  • A camera


The team new these items belonged to someone who was a scuba diver and they were very eager to become scuba divers.


Inside a bag there was some writing that had been cut up.  The children had to put the pieces back together to se what was written.  Big Blue Ocean Cleanup - it was a logo for the team!



First we had to see what was on the camera!


The children drew pictures of sea creatures swimming happily in the ocean, but when the photos were developed they found the shocking truth!

All the photographs showed sea creatures in danger.  There was a lot of rubbish in the ocean and the animals were plying with it and even eating with it!


The children showed great concern for the creatures.


They decided to write a letter to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to offer their help.

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup telephoned the team and asked usif we new about recycling.  One of the main tasks is to make sure the rubbish gets disposed of correctly.  


The next job for the team was to look at different object  and explore what materials they were made of. 



We started looking at the items that were in the classroom and sorted them by what materials they were made of.



Spring 2023

The children have become a team of Animal Food Deliverers.  They are responsible for the safe delivery of a variety of animal food, delivering to zoos, safari parks as well as pet stores.  The children have become experts in all types of animals and know the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


This is how the story began ...

We found a bag in the classroom with the initials A.F.D. and 100 Kg printed on the bag.  We had no idea where the bag came from or what it was for!  Some children recognised Kg from food packages, so we had an idea that the bag may contain food, but we had no idea what A.F.D. stood for. 

In small groups we had a selection of words starting with A, F and D.  We worked together and eventually worked out that A.F.D. stood for Animal Food Delivery.



Once we knew that the bag contained animal food, we had to think carefully about what kind of food would be inside the bag. 


As a team we discussed all the different places that we could deliver our animals food to and realised that if we were going to deliver to a zoo or safari park, we were going to need some kind of transportation to help us deliver the food. 


So the team got to work designing, creating and evaluating their very own vehicles! 


Our first commission

Edinburgh zoo

Commission 1:

The team received a letter from Edinburgh Zoo.  They were worried about the giraffes as they didn't seem very well, they were doing bright yellow poos!


They sent us some poo samples to examine and work out what the problem was.

We decided the problem was that the giraffes were not eating the right food.  We wrote letters first and then used or digital writing skills to send emails explaining what we thought. 

The team decided that they didn't want this problem to happen again, so they thought it would be a good idea to add picture labels of the animals that the food was for. 


The children then put their computing skills to work and designed labels for our food bags using digital painting.

This is how they turned out!

Our second commission

Folly farm

Folly farm sent us an email.  They want us to deliver small bags of food so that the visitors can buy some food to feed to the animals.  The bags needed to be:

  • small bags
  • labeled - so that visitors could see what animal the food was for.
  • the weight of food displayed on the bags.


This was going to be an easy job as the team had already prepared the food bags as a result of Edinburgh zoo!  All we had to do was add the correct food to the bags, weigh them and add the weight to the completed bags. 

But, there was one problem!  


Using Google Earth we found out that Folly farm is in a village called Kilgetty, Wales.  On the map we could see that there was a lot of fields and trees around Folly farm and one long straight road.  We then compared the area to Redditch and could see the difference between a town and country.  


We made maps of a town and county.



We needed to decide what vehicles we could use to deliver food to Folly farm, as the country has smaller roads that a town.

To end our Animal Food Deliverers mantle, we experienced close encounters with 6 different animals.  These animals were a mixture of mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

  • Chinchilla
  • Snake
  • Frog
  • Tortoise
  • Bearded dragon
  •  Skinny pig ( A Guinea pig with a bit of hair around it's face)

Autumn term 2022

Party Experts


Autumn 2022

This term we are a team of Party Planners.  

We coordinate, organize all kinds of special events. We work with a variety of themes, handling all aspects of weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, or business gatherings.  Our core responsibilities vary depending on the job and the client.  The team need:

  • A strong portfolio of previous work.
  • Good client references and reviews are a plus.
  • Excellent time management, attention to detail, and communication skills.
  • Superb networking skills, customer service, and negotiation tactics.
  • Strong multitasking abilities and the ability to function under pressure.


Planning a party is fun as the children will be in charge of organising and creating:

  • What food and drink to provide and making healthy choices.
  • what quantity of each item you will need (number in pack)
  • what entertainment you are providing for your guests.
  • Decorations
  • Cards and invitations

The Party Experts team have made items that would be needed for planning a party:

  • buntings

  • cards

  • hats

  • cards

  • cakes


As a team we shared our experiences and drew pictures to show the different types of parties people have.  The pictures have been put together to make a portfolio of previously planned parties.

The Party Experts received an Email from the International council of Nurses.  They are going to have a special party to celebrate all the hard work that nurses do for the NHS and need our help to make it the best party.  The date of the party is the 12th of May, which we also found out was a special ladies birthday; Florence Nightingale.  We now need to find out more about Florence to make sure we get all the details of the party right.




We started our investigation...

We compared clothing that nurses wear today and a long time ago, then dressed a mannequin in clothing that Florence Nightingale would have worn.

We also have a lamp that she used.  This is where she got her nick name 'The Lady with the Lamp'.

Florence and her team of nurses had to travel a long way to help the soldiers fighting in the Crimean war.  They travelled from Britain all the way to Scutari.

It took Florence and her nurses 13 days to reach Scutari, they travelled by ship to Boulogne, then overland to Marseilles where they had a break in the journey. From Marseilles, they took the mail steamer “Vectis” to Scutari.


The children re-enacted the journey through 5 pictures.

What a shock!


When Florence and her nurses arrived at the hospital, they were not prepared for the what they saw!  The stench, the filth and the sight of the soldiers was horrendous.  They had a lot of work to do!

The clean up!


It was no wonder the soldiers were not recovering from their injuries.  The hospital was dirty, resources were limited and the food and water was disgusting. 

Florence set to work and made a plan of all the things that had to be done in order for the soldiers to get the appropriate care. 

They needed:

  • To clean the floors
  • To wash and paint the walls.
  • Beds and clean sheets.
  • Medical supplies.
  • Nutritious food and clean water.
  • To get fresh air into the hospital.

The hospital had very little supplies, so Florence and her nurses desperately needed help.  Florence wrote to parliament for help.  They needed:

  • beds

  • blankets

  • medicine

  • bandages

It was now time for the nurses to plan and make healthy meals for the soldiers.  They needed well balanced meals and clean water. 


The children discuss all the different food groups and shared their knowledge of healthy and unhealthy meals.  They then designed a healthy meal to give to the soldiers, carefully followed their designs and created the meals on a paper plate using collage materials.