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Autumn Term 2023

This half term Nursery have been introduced to math's by singing number songs, using mathematical language as part of their snack time and developing their independent learning within the math's area in the classroom. Each week the children have a math's carpet session and are encouraged to use mathematical language and skills within their independent play.


Spring Term 2024

The Polar Bear Protectors (Nursery) were in the Winter Woods this week. It began to snow! We rolled a dice and counted with one to one correspondence to find out the number before recording the correct amount of snowflakes. 


The Polar Bear Protectors created a map of the journey to the Arctic. They used their maths skills to roll a dice, count with one to one correspondence and then used this knowledge of number to transfer objects to the map. 

This term in Nursery we are starting to talk about 2D shapes. The children will be experiencing a range of shape activities linked to a circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We will developing their knowledge of shape by using vocabulary such as flat, round, straight, edges and sides. 

There has been some great independent maths work in class this week. The children are enjoying the maths area where we have seen them exploring number, talking about number and working co operatively with their friends. 

We have started to use the vocabulary of pattern this week as we have worked alongside the children in class. Using the pegs and peg boards we have seen some children begin to develop an awareness and understanding of pattern by creating a repeated pattern with 2 colours.