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Amber Storm Warning

AMBER STORM WARNING - Friday 18th February


The Head of Childrens Services for Worcestershire has advised schools to make their own risks assessments in light of the storm warning for tomorrow.


As things stand at the moment, we will be open.


Schools are closing if they are in the red warning areas - Wales, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Ireland.


We will be monitoring the conditions closely from early in the morning and will close if the school grounds are dangerous. For instance we will be checking for any damage to the buildings or to trees. We will also need to make sure that we have enough staff who can travel into school safely.


We advise you to think about your own journey into school. Try not to be too early to avoid having to wait around.


We may keep children indoors at playtimes if we feel this is safer for them.


Please make sure we have an up to date contact number for you and you have your Scholarpack account activated. If we need to close during the school day we will use Scholarpack as our first way of contacting everyone at the same time.


We will post updates if we have any.