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Children returning

When all children return to school on 8th March they will be in their class bubble as they were in the Autumn term. As before, they will not mix with other bubbles and there will be regular hand sanitizing and washing as well as the adults cleaning touch points throughout the day. This is to help keep everyone as safe as possible for now. (No face coverings or covid tests in first schools) 


We are really looking forward to helping them to thrive - doing lots of talking, thinking, playing, wondering, making, creating and laughing! They may get tired easily, so to rebuild their stamina for learning they will be doing lots of physical activity as well - as this actually helps to banish mental tiredness. We will design the learning chunks of time to fit in with the needs of the children. 


Mantle of the Expert will be key to children learning well and enjoying learning. Through Mantle, we can see what each child can do and what they need to learn next. 


We look forward to them being back with their friends and coming back together as little class communities. 


We know that most children are keen and excited to get back to school. We also know that some may find it difficult and that you too may have mixed feelings about their return. We are available on the phone everyday next week to talk about any questions you have or if you want to talk to someone about how you're feeling. #teamwoodrow