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Following the government's announcement about school closures we are planning to offer some targetted childcare next week as we plan for the longer term.

Thank you for your patience regarding this.

The precise details from the government regarding who is a key worker have not been shared with schools - frustratingly we take our guidance from the daily news the same as you.

However, we have a fantastic team and we want to do what we can at this challenging time.

It is not a statutory requirement that Woodrow remains partially open. We want to be clear that schools are responsible for how they are offering places to children of key workers and it may be we have to prioritise in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Offers to families will be according to need. There cannot be an expectation that families have a right to childcare.

Please respect and understand at the moment we are managing the best we can.

If you consider yourself to be a key worker, please make sure we have the details requested in an earlier post (look back through the timeline please) and we will contact you if we are able to help at this difficult time for everyone.

Stay safe everyone xx