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Year 4 assembly - revised plan

Year 4 Assembly on Monday

Unfortunately, we have to move the assembly to 9.30am.

When we sent out tickets on Friday we thought that shortening the event would be enough to keep everyone safe, but with forecast temperatures rising further today we have no choice but to do more.

It would be unwise to have over 150 people in the school hall during the hottest part of the day and we have to remember that the children would have already had 4 hours in the heat. We cannot risk heat exhhaustion or heat stroke.


On Monday at 9.30am children will be given a special leavers tshirt to wear for the rest of the week if they wish, they will sing 2 songs and receive a fun certificate. We will have selfie frames available for parents to take photos of their children.


We know that some of you will not be able to attend at this revised time. We are truly sorry for this. We cannot control the weather and have to put everyone's safety first.


Although this doesn't make up any disappointment, we will record the assembly and broadcast it on Facebook.


We are then also offering parents and carers the additional opportunity to join their Year 4 children on Thursday at 2.15pm. They will make a small snack, play some games and receive their leaving gifts. The selfie frames will be available again. We will broadcast the gift giving on Facebook.


We have tried our best here to do the best we can in an extreme situation. We can only apologise for the timing and any upset.

Mr Kieran and the Year 4 team